With the help of one of my friend i have Edited starter_background_apps.rsc and some little changes in Original firmware. And so it result into best memory management and lot of free Ram

Screen shots of BootUP animation and splash screen
Its just the GIF animation of BootUP animation so dont think about its Quality. Original Feeling u’ll get on ur phones after flashing with its Clear crisp sound and animation. Its still in developing Stage so u will get more powerful animations in upcoming Dayz

Download”CFW-DROID” For N97mini RM-555 users

Android animations are Really need Lot of Memory space in FW So i have not ported any Extra theme no Any app extra app just Rom_Patcher plus. so I m Giving useful Applications,themes,Games and wall papers which will be Really helpful For Newbies
Plz give link back to this Wherever U Want To Share contains of this post. For non 97mini users Animations link is Given below. but be careful Wile downloading and extracting it is compressed so it may get corrupt.And i hope there will be no Difference in Ratio of Downloads and THANX
Good Luck!
  1. req cfw yg kayak vliemo^3 buat 5230rm588 dung… ato yg lebih gokil.. kalo ada

  2. req cfw yg kayak vliemo^3 buat 5230rm588 dung… ato yg lebih gokil.. kalo ada

    mampir in here
    ya… ada game baru (baru ane posting) masih angett

    • yups,oke bro….

  3. that was greaatt..
    makin ngiler aja nih sama s60v5

  4. kebanyakan cfw nehhh… Jadi bingungggggg…

    • ni malah vliemo mau update versi bro,tunggu aja…!

  5. Bro, punya tipz n trik gak buat grid menu s60v5 jd 4×4 atw 4×5.?

    • ya bro,kapan2 aku postingin deh….

  6. Hrz d postingan slnjutx dunk bro.

    • wkwkwkw,sabar gan….

    • n0kiem saritem
    • Maret 15th, 2011

    gk akan ada yg bsa nglahin cuma gi2t jari ngadepin andro..s^3 kalah telak sama andro v2.1,apalagi s60v5 pake andro v1.5 aja dah ngacay,wkwkwk

  7. ada orang gila di ates ane,,

  8. it might be extremely trending down in the next months. Croatia might possibly be the next state for cube to become used for currency

  1. Maret 15th, 2015

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