KRYSTAL^1 | CFW FOR 5800 RM-356 [ BASED ON C6 V40 ]

Credits :

Mods and Resources :
dan-av,mara-,CODeRUS, 008Rohit

10202be9 (Cenrep) Description Files :
Szakalit, CODeRUS

Helping in the development of Krystal^1:
PrinceRM, 008Rohit, Hamza Khalid, Ricardo_Pimenta

Thanks to Ricardo_Pimenta for developing Splashscreens
Thanks to thegamer007 for suggesting the cfw name

CFW Name: Krystal^1
Model : Nokia 5800
Supported RM’s : RM-356 (v52)
Base Firmware : C6 v40.0.021
Languages Present : English Only

Screenshots :

– Messages sent by you will be saved up to 999 messages
– Delivery reports ON by default
– Messaging application no longer lags when containing large number of messages.
– N8 Qwerty + Alphanumeric added with Auto rotate QWERTY

– N8 icons by mara-
– Default theme uses Anna Icons (modified by me)
– All Lags in Menu removed
– Optimized to run very fast and smooth (Tweaked Kinetic Scrolling in Menu)

– Camera will not leave in background after close it (SAVES RAM)
– Voice recorder set to High quality
– Voice recorder records upto 12 hours
– Voice Recorder will save the file in E:\
– Camera Image Quality improved
– Camera already in use bug solved
– Gallery searching improved
– Share Online removed from Photos Homescreen
– OVI Music removed from Music Homescreen
– Video Capture predefined frame rate increased to 30fps
– Music Player will read E:\Music\
– Music player will refresh faster
– One touch N8 Equalizer

– Nokia default file browser can send sisx, sis, jar and any protected items via bluetooth, mms and uploads

– Download manager will be started on browser start-up to resume
– Browser will prompt to continue download if connection breaks due to power failure
– Browser Cache moved to E:\

– Java permission is set to default
– Real Hack (modded installserver.exe by PNHT)
– SwiPolicy changed which enable to install almost apps without RomPatcher patch (Works 99%)
– Secure Widget Preinstall (OVI Store Installer) will not run on first startup but will install at one click from menu icon

– All C6 lights bugs are fixed. (Mod by mara)
– Green Charging light disabled.
– Breathing light OFF by default

– Krystal^1 customized SplashScreen and ShutdownScreen.
– Bootscreen Volume set to : 10
– Custom Boot/Shutdown animation locations –

– Widgetized Nokia C6 Homescreen
– Full widgets support
– 4 Additional shortcuts bar. Total : 6

Bugs Fixed :
– Nokia’s Radio bug completely fixed. Now RDS works fine!
– Now Messaging app doesn’t show two New e-mail options anymore.
– Now Messaging app doesn’t lag when scrolling through a long messages list.
– All light bugs are fixed by mara-
– Camera Touch UI working properly. Now you can use both camera touch UI and camera physical button Smiley

General Modifications :
– “Restart” Option instead of “Lock Screen and Keys” in Power Menu by CODeRUS.
– Full N8 IconPack is used. (With 0 bugs) Now icons change according to the theme applied.
– Default C6v40 dialer added.
– Tap to Unlock added
– PC/OVI Suite will recognise your phone as Nokia C6-00.
– All C6 lights problem fixed. (Mod by mara)
– Camera will not eat RAM after closing it.
– N8 Full QWERTY+Alphanumeric+landscape added
– Default bluetooth name: Nokia Krystal^1
– FOTA reserved space removed to get more space in C:\ (Phone Memory)
– USB now will name as Krystal^1
– Voice recording during call fixed. Your phone won’t crash if you record and call someone at the same time.
– RAM Cache in C:\ for better performance
– Blazing Fast Screen Rotation
– CPU load decreased (Get a very fast phone)
– Single lock/unlock vibration
– Disabled My Nokia Service. It will prevent phone to send premium message to 5555 (Nokia) after first boot.
– Zero start up of background applications
– Auto optimization of RAM cache for keeping up your phone faster even after heavy usage
– Default Web Browser bookmarks are edited.
– Blank UDA supplied to get highest possible free space on C:\
– Lags in Menu removed. The Kinetic Scrolling is optimized
– Display rotation is ON by default
– Breathing light is OFF by default
– Digital clock set as default. N8 Clock fonts used so the digital clock now looks like the N8 clock
– Default Fonts Used
– Operator Logo ON/OFF settings available in homescreen settings (depends though)
– Delivery Reports ON by default in Messaging
– Theme effects are OFF by default
– Removed “Check for Updates” in Device Updates
– “Summary after call” and “speed dialing” ON by default
– “In call timer” ON by default
– Profile “General” renamed to “Krystal^1”
– Homescreen landscape enabled. Dialer landscape disabled
– Lags in Messaging apps removed
– Changed the default widgets layout. Nokia Notifications widget comes preinstalled.
– “ShareOnline” button replaced with “Delete” in Photo Gallery, A mod by dan-av.
– Now you can set AutoKeyguard Lock time.
– Now Music Player will not return you to Menu after exiting it.
– N8 Mediabar modified by me Smiley

Performance Upgrades:
– Highly Increased Application/Gaming frame rates
– Increased Response Rate (Now touchscreen will be more responsive)
– CPU frames render was increased.This will result in a smooth phone experience.
– Graphical Complexity reduced. Performance Booster without any side effects.
– Music Player response highly increased (Instantly pauses/plays on clicking the buttons)
– Reduced effects complexity which should result in a speed increase
– Increased Heap Size further to boost up performance
– Lags in Menu, messaging and Other Large Applications removed
– Polished the UI for heavy usage
– Phone will never slow down and the RAM won’t be decreasing (RAM Caching modded)
– 80MB+ on C:\ (Phone memory)
– Smooth Kinetic Scrolling
– Music Player is now a lot more faster!
– Real Hack! (No need to use installserver.rmp patch anymore)
– CPU mod optimized to get complete stability and a great battery life!
— Gallery will not show images from E:\Krystal\


All C6 Themes, OVI Maps 3.04, Chat, Podcasting, Image Print, OVI Contacts, OVI Music, Here and Now, Online Support, Voice Commands, Phone Switch, My Nokia, Quick Office, Adobe Reader, Help, Search, About, Share Online.

Applications Added in Rofs: BTSwitch 1.0, Rom Patcher 3.1, KillME 1.36, AutoInstaller 7, Nokia File Browser

MediaBar: Edited mediabar “share online” to work as “Bluetooth”. Though Icons of “share online” couldnt be changed.

Run AutoInstaller if you need: Nokia Battery monitor 1.3, Best Screensnap v3.0, Brightlight, Opera Mini 6 (latest from opera website)

Some Wallpapers are provided in Folder E:\Wallpaper

Bug Fix 1 Report:
1. Fixed Smiley Bug
2. Fixed Landscape Bug
3. Fixed Auto-rotate Qwerty
4. Added Tap to Unlock
5. Gallery mod perfection

If you dislike the Boot Animation effects and sound, U can disable it by deleting folder named “Boot” in E:/

Please Note:
1. Before Flashing please delete folders Private, Data, Resource, cities, Sys, System and any other folders from Memory Card which are not used by you.
2. After successful flashing, wait for sometime till all the widgets gets loaded to the Homescreen.
3. MediaBar would not start at first boot. You need to restart your phone once.
4. Modded Theme effects are provided. Though its not recommended to use theme effects ON as it slows down the phone performance.

Download Sections:

For Nokia 5800 RM-356:
C6 Core for RM-356 v52.0.007CLICK HERE
C6 Core for RM-356 v52.0.101 : CLICK HERE
Krystal^1 RofsCLICK HERE (Rename the rofs to v52.0.007 if you are using v52.0.007 core files)

    • Tajol23
    • Juli 7th, 2011

    Hi..isn’t on this CFW have “Musicplayer v15.2 with lyrics funtion”?
    this is amazing dude..

    • I think yes bro…
      Because in the new fw c6 already support that function…

  1. boz punya cfw yg bwt 5530..mhn di upload donk or rekomendasi link cfw 5530…q jg pgn nih…sebelumnya salam kenal…nk cfw 5530…q jg pgn nih…sebelumnya salam kenal…

    • Ok, silahkan ditunggu…

  2. wah
    Pesenan ak
    Dah ada ternyta
    Makasih banyak ya bro dah mau nyarìin buat q

    Menurut bro mirza
    Yg pling bgs dari 3 cfw diatas yg mana

    • Sip bro…

      Kalo mnurut survey, hhehehe
      Cfw yg lagi laris ya ini bro…

    • wendytanjung1
    • Juli 7th, 2011

    Kalo buat 5233 ada ga?!

    • Ada, maunya yang based c6 port atau n97 port?
      Dipilih dipilih, kwkwkwkw

    • ady
    • Juli 7th, 2011

    bro post cfw 5800 v52.101.yg namanya optimus tu cwf keren cfw ad bug nya g bro..sebenarny malaz ganti2 cwf karna instal lg ntr coba ah.ok mksh bro…

    • Nanti lihat survey di forum dlu ya bro…

      Kyaknya sih udah free bug, tpi gak ada salahnya ente coba…

    • 1noel
    • Juli 8th, 2011

    wuih.. musim panen cfw nih.. ᓀ

    • Iya bro, biar gak kalah sama robot ijo…


    • Corenya pilih salah satu yang sesuai ama fw ente…

    • riky
    • Juli 8th, 2011

    5800 fw 50.05 bisa ga bro…?

  4. 5800 fw v31 bisa gak?

  5. jaf_nok4models.ini nya mana gan ?

  6. Nge extrak RAR rofs2 nya pake kode gan!brapa ya gan?

    • Sheikh suhail
    • Juli 15th, 2011

    Can i add urdu language to this firmware. If yes please tell me how and please provide me the urdu language pack. Or can i extract it from rofs2 file of the OFW. Thanks

    • wawan
    • Juli 18th, 2011

    bro kok setelah q flash hp qg nyala

    • Jgn tambahin file apapun,termasuk rof3…

    • wawan
    • Juli 19th, 2011

    klo g ditambahin brarti cu5 ada 6 file aja dunk mas???????

    • Iya…

    • wawan
    • Juli 19th, 2011

    5ksih nie dah bisa, bru saja saya coba

    • Ok, sip dah…

    • simba
    • Juli 21st, 2011

    maaf gan diatas saya dah milih v52.0.007 semua .
    tapi setelah selesai flash saya cek di *#0000# kok muncul v52.0.101 .
    gmna nie gan . . . .

    • Gpp, sbenarnya udah v52.0.007 tuh…

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  8. brow mierza minta donk link CFW nokia 5800 yg ori => RM-356 v52.0.007???v52.0.007???

    • Wah,apa ya?
      Kenapa cari ofw bro, yg port kan banyak, bagus2 malah!

  9. Kode untuk rofs brapa gan? Sebab waktu diekstrak ada permintaan kode…

    • Enenteege
    • Agustus 6th, 2011

    OMG, it is still accepting donations! Fantastic example of a creative fundraising effort that raised $10,000 in 48 hours to build a classroom at the school in Tanzania.

    • danny
    • Agustus 11th, 2011

    nice theme! thank u

  10. bro mierza yth… koq link na g bisa…? 😦

    • ade ekspresi
    • September 4th, 2011

    invalid link bozz yang 007,,,,,

  11. @ ade & ary : berarti udah dihapus tuh file’nya
    Nanti ane cri’in lagi deh

    Tpi kan bsa pake yg base n97v30…..

      • ade ekspresi
      • September 7th, 2011

      oh ya,,, jadinya pke yang REFRESH V2 | N97V30 ported | FOR 5800, thanks berat gan…. batrei jadi super awet ga bosen ngecas ;;) trus postingin cfw yng terbaru ya gan, cwiiiiw

      • ok bro, tpi ane kalo tuh cfw belum dpet respon baik ya gak bakal ane share disini.
        Ane cma ngshare cfw2 pilihan aja….

  12. Gaan link nya rusak..

    • Yang mana???

    • VON
    • September 12th, 2011

    Hi. can you port it to nokia c6? i mean, can i install it to my nokia c6 RM-612 v40, all features are all that i need. pls feedback. thanks! 🙂

  13. Gan Ane punya 5800 fw 52.0.007.. Udah ane hack pake cfw c6 tapi bahasanya bahasa jin.. Kalo mw ganti2 cfw yg d atas gimana tutornya.. Maklum newbie.. Trms..

    • Tutornya ada di blog ini, cari aja….

    • nick
    • Oktober 4th, 2011

    gan,,,kok macet downloadnya y???
    ada link baru ga??

    • ronok
    • Oktober 5th, 2011

    is it works for v31.0.101 ???

  14. Broo core link downloadnya not valid…. Gmn tuh…………?

  15. Ada gax CFW yg buat N79…..???

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