Nokia 5530 | 5800 | 5230 | 5233 – All RM’s – “Allure’s Magic” – N97v30 [ 05/08/11]


Team Allure:
Venu238 and DevilyazdanA simple CFW Based on C6 v40 and N97 v30 Port for Nokia 5230, 5233 and 5800 Latest Firwares!
Fast and Smooth UI. Use it and Feel it!

All Credits to:
PNHT, doctorly & binh24 for core files, 008rohit, Dan-av, CODeRUS, mara, Akshay5233, shadowninty, emotionalizer, alex393 for their Exclusive Mods and Many Others who contributed to this Firmware.

Total RAM on Startup: 60.93mb
Phone Memory at Startup: 74.5mb

Exclusive Mods in Allure


You will never believe how fast it is !! Notice Blazing speed while opening folders !!


Music Player Heap size increased: Now Music player responds very fast. Know the speed by switching between the songs [Exclusive]

Music player Settings Changed: ‘Shuffle Play’ and ‘Repeat’ are “ON” by default [Exclusive]

Music Player playback volume increased to 100% [Exclusive]

Media Player and Video Player volume is set to max by default [Exclusive]

Web Browser:

Web User connection is set to ‘Userdefined’ by default [Exclusive]

Browser-AutoForm Fill enabled: Browser retrieves any stored data that matches the characters typed by the user into a form. When the user selects this data, it appears on the new form. [Exclusive]

Web timeout while in call increased: 25min. If you get a call while using web, you will get timeout message after 25min if the call didn’t end. [Exclusive]

Web: Maximum number of recent urls increased to 10! [Exclusive]

Web Connection startup timeout increased: 40sec [Exclusive]

Web “try to reconnect if connection fails because of temporary reason” decreased: 60sec and of “permanent reason” increased: 60sec.


Right soft key changed to Menu

N8 Touch UI(Now feel touch as N8 phone )

Reject call with sms disabled by default

Msg viewer & editor Font size is set to “small” by default

Default call volume increased: 80% in internal speaker
and Increased to 100% in loud speaker [Exclusive]

Received calls, Messages, Dialled calls, Sent messages (Everything in call log) show device time not set to operator time [Exclusive]

Vibrations while receiving calls and messages :
Intensity and duration of vibration decreased(battery friendly)

New N8 Emoticons added (See the Screenshot!)


More Battery Life:
Dimming, Light-time out and Auto lock respectively: 20, 35 and 45
System Cache switched to All Drives for more faster phone!
More System Heap Size for heavy loading!
Complete 5800 Audio Codecs in C6
More Equalizers to the Music Player !! [Exclusive]
Radio RDS Completely fixed!
Gallery images will load faster! Check it out yourself!!
Much more faster screen rotation!

Font: S^3 fonts with character support( used Drigz new characters) credits to Drigz

All New Dialler icon added! 

Changed color of the call key in dialler to Green. Check it out! 

Startup text added

Changed boot location to “E:\Boot\”

Now place your Startup.gif and Startup.mp3 here!

Allure is now compatible with all Languages!

Most Important: Solved all the bugs present!!

Common Modifications

Nokia Browser – Extremely fast with tabbed browser!

Symbian^3 Menu with Landscape: 6×2 Layout

New Alphanumeric Keyboard Layout by Dan-av and N8 Qwerty Layout

Replaced shareonline button with Accelerator switch in mediabar. (Very Handy while typing!) [Exclusive]

Removed show open Apps

N8 Equalizer with single touch Activation

Auto rotate Alphanumeric to Qwerty added (like 5800!)

Highly Improved and Polished UI & Games Performance!

Browser Cache changed to Memory Card and increased to 32 MB

Restart option added! (by CODeRUS)

Press ‘0’ to Switch Bluetooth

No apps will run and leave in background. Get more RAM!!

Smooth Brightness Added. Check it out!

Improved Fast Kinetic Scrolling !!

Touch screen vibration decreased (saves Battery)

Delete button added in Gallery

Music Player will search songs from “E:\Music” only

Send Everything from File Manager

Camera mod by Akshay5233:
-Touch Camera button working
-Hardware Cam Button for RKY mod users
-Video-Image mode switching easily (Flash replaced)
-Gallery button instead of Share online after capturing image or video
-Flash is OFF by default
-Fixed “Camera: Already in Use” bug for Image & Video Capture


We have two options for camera mod!

1. You will have image & video switch button in
both image & video modes but capture & record
icon won’t work. ( Anyway you can use camera
button to do that work)

2. Capture & record icons work but there will be
flash icon in video mode.

We have  choosen  1st option

Camera sound tone1 is set to silent

Camera doesnt run background after exiting it (saves RAM)

Video capture rate increased to 30FPS

Vivaz Conversations included in Messaging

Nokia Photo Browser added to Photo Suite

Startup tone set to 80%

Default Date set to 01-07-2011

Cleared Homescreen on startup (More RAM at first Boot!)

Contacts show only SIM contacts by default [Exclusive]

Sent Messages increased to 999 by default

Save Sent msgs is OFF by default! [Exclusive]

Delivery Report is set to ‘ON’ by default

General Profile renamed to “Allure”

“Silent” profile renamed to “Vibration” and vibration is set to ON by default

Default Bluetooth Name changed to “Nokia Allure”

Voice quality increased and set to high quality recording

Downloads are resumable in web even after restart!

Themes & Visual Modifications:

Nokia Theme White (Default)
Midnight Silver by Joeyfrankiko

New Mixed Theme effects
Icons: Mixture of  PR2-PR3 & X7 icons (Great work by binh24 & akshay5233) + N8 icons (Mara-)

Removed all unwanted apps including Ovi Maps

Apps added:

Rompatcher v3.1 [Exclusive]
Nokia FileBrowser


New Update  :

1. Much more faster & smoother than previous Allure

2. Fast startup

3. Replaced “Go to Music Store” to ” GO to TTPod” in Music player options (Exclusive )

4. Scrolling Speed in Music Player Increased ( Exclusive )

5. Autorotate is “off” by default (Exclusive )

6. Theme preview delay time decreased, Now you can preview themes very fast

7. Vibration Intensity decreased, to get smooth feel

8. Camera & Video Quality increased

9. News & Blog Websites will refresh every 15mins in Web Browser

10. Quickrotate preinstalled (not included in the mediabar )

11. Shortmultitap mod added

12. Java Mod added

13. Right soft key changed to “contacts”.

14. All the bugs like “call key”, “apps running background after exit”, “TTpod fix” are solved

Download Section:

We are very thankful to “Hafeez” for working on rofs2 n uploading
Thank him for his efforts

Download Core Files from here

Based on N97v30:(Allure’s Magic)

Download RM-588 Rofs2(updated) from here

Download RM-625 Rofs2(updated) from here

Download RM-504 Rofs2(updated) from here

Download RM-356 Rofs2(updated) from here

Download N97v30 Language Packs from here

Download Latest Ovi Maps from here
Extract them and drop in your Rofs2

Download Total QT Pack from here

Dont backup your contacts through pc/ovisuite, backup contacts through your phone.
Wait for 15 seconds when the Country selection appears before any input.

Wait for 5 mins after the first boot and then run Autoinstaller. Restart your device after installing all the apps.

If you use different version, then rename rofs2 as follows:
V50.0.1 : RM-588_50.0.001_prd.rofs2.V20 V50.6.1 : RM-588_50.6.001_prd.rofs2.V01 V50.6.2 : RM-588_50.6.002_prd.rofs2.V25

Post by

    • jaka 5230
    • Juli 1st, 2011

    mas aku mau flash hp aku pake cfw c6.tolong bungkusin fwnya dalam zip dong. Hp aku nokia 5230 rm588 fW.40.06.003.
    Alna aku takut mati total kayak dulu

    • Melchi
    • Juli 1st, 2011

    Maantaap bro siap lanjutkan ke flashing..

    • Melchi
    • Juli 1st, 2011

    @jaka: jngn takut bro lakukan sesuai petunjuk pasti berhasil

    • jaka 5230
    • Juli 1st, 2011

    ni bisa di hp aku mas ? Trus klw mau di balikan semula gmana ? ( newbe) dulu aku pernah trus mati total.

    • Melchi
    • Juli 1st, 2011

    Bsa bro…btw filenya corenya ekstrak dlu jdi ad 6 file

  1. Mantab..ntar ane coba cfw yg ni..

    • jaka 5230
    • Juli 1st, 2011

    ni yg ada roft2 mas? Trus sisany harus aku download di btusers ?

    • Melchi
    • Juli 1st, 2011

    Jngn bro..,tunggu aja core dr bro mierza

    • jaka 5230
    • Juli 1st, 2011

    waduh pusing ana? Tunjukin dong mas langkah langkahnya ( pleas aku masih newbe)

    • Melchi
    • Juli 1st, 2011

    Ini bro ad dua cra coba bca dlu bro ini dbwah link?

    maaf bro mierza saya sdah lancang memlas coment pdhal aku bkn admin

    • jaka 5230
    • Juli 1st, 2011

    waduh, gak da yg bisa di buka

    • Melchi
    • Juli 1st, 2011

    Copy n pante linknya,…atw cba goegling dngn kta kunci(tutorial flashing nokia 5230)

    • jaka 5230
    • Juli 1st, 2011

    mas klw cara flash hp ana bisa, cuma klw pake cfw ni gak ngerti

    • Melchi
    • Juli 1st, 2011

    Oh cranya sama cma unt cfw c6.,rofs3 nggak d pakai

    • jaka 5230
    • Juli 1st, 2011

    (he he sori banyak tanya )aku ngflash bisa mas ( pake firmware yg ori yg dari btusers). Tapi klo kyak gini gak ngerti cuma ada 1 (roft2) trus yg laennya dari mana ? Yg cocok sama hp aku mas.

    • Melchi
    • Juli 1st, 2011

    Masuk sini bro n download new core by binh24 v 50.000.01;

  2. @all : m’af bru bsa bls
    @meichi : thanks udah ngbntu…

  3. waduh, pngen bnget neh.. Tapi ga ngerti soal beginian.. Pnya knalan dr palembang yg bsa beginian ga?

    • Asal lakuin sesuai tutorial, ente pasti bisa bro…

    • jaka 5230
    • Juli 1st, 2011

    yg mana yg downloadnya situr berayar ?( jadi degdegan).
    Itu corenya kata mas di estrak jadi nanti ada 6 file ? Trus tambah roft2 jadi 7 ? Tolong bantu mas aku mau flash skarang

    • yang penting gak usah pake rof3 bro…

    • jaka 5230
    • Juli 1st, 2011

    oh ya ni banyak bugnya gak ?oh ya ni banyak bugnya gak ?

    • Di coba aja dulu bro, soalnya ane gak punya szeo jadi gak bisa ngetes.

    • Melchi
    • Juli 1st, 2011

    ᔁmierza;samä2 btw vliemonya kok blm rilis sambl berharap ad untk 5230 rm588

    ᔁjaka:coba aja dlu pasti ketagihan co,z gw msh betah ama everphantom blm pake yg ini tpi dri forum mengatakan nice cfw sih

    ᔁean; coba aja bro gw aja pertama kali nyoba flashing hp gw langsung opname ke nokia care dlm 2 jam lngsung sembuh…tp skrang dlm 2minggu sdah 4 cfw yg gw gonta ganti wkwkwkwkwkwk

  4. ⠊meichi : hhahaha,bngung nguploudnya bro…
    Koneksinya kurang mumpuni soalnya…
    Btw emang ya,kalau udah bsa flashing tuh pasti jdi ktagihan…

    ⠊syech : Kunci utamanya nekad bro,hhehehe

    • Melchi
    • Juli 1st, 2011

    Yoi bro jadi ketagihan skrng aja gw lgi blajar modding cfw…btw share dong bro yg modding 4g yg modding 4g

    • hhahaha,k forum daylimobile aja bro…
      itu hsil karyanya emotionalizer…hsil karyanya emotionalizer…

  5. mierza : mengumpulkan rasa nekat dlu dah,, lum penuh.. Takut ama yg namanya “matot”,he…

    Meichi : 5230 ane udah abis garansi’y,,

    Minta no hp kalian dong, kali aja ane tiba2 nekad, terus ada yg mau ditanyain, bsa nlp kalian,,
    Krim lwt email aja, neh email ane
    Kan jd kagak di liat org..
    Kalo ga boleh jg ga apa2..

    • cari di artikel gw yg hack pnht methode…

    • kalo mati kan mash bisa d flash ulg pake fw ori bro
      gak usah takut…

    • gudel
    • Juli 2nd, 2011

    pengen di c5-03
    gmana ya ??

    • gak bisa bro
      cari cfw laen!

    • jaka 5230
    • Juli 2nd, 2011

    help me kang mas, masalah download corenya gimana ? Yang mana ana ( imuet ) klik 😀

    • linknya kan udah ane sertain si bro…
      Tinggal di copas aja…

    • jaka 5230
    • Juli 2nd, 2011

    oh ya, 1 lagi kmaren aku ada download cfw c6 untuk nokia 5230 fw.40.06 itu bisa di hape aku mas… Fw hp aku juga fw.40.06.
    Trus kan katanya bisa ganti cfw berkali2 permasalahannya kalau kita ganti fw itu harus lebih tinggi dari fw sebelumnya. Mohon pencerahannya mas

    • jaka 5230
    • Juli 2nd, 2011

    kan masuk ke filesonic, tu gak da klik download ny

    wa dah nyoba neh,,,keren gelaa…hahahaha…..thanks bro Mierza

    • Melchi
    • Juli 2nd, 2011

    Payah jamnya nggak bsa d pindahkan

  7. yg bwt 5233 ada gak bro?

    • 1noel
    • Juli 4th, 2011

    haha.. nunggu bwat n97mini deh..

    • RhinX64
    • Juli 7th, 2011

    mas, ad bugs nya ya, di bagian kontak dan mini qwerty

    • Nunggu update lagi aja bro…

    • living dead
    • Juli 10th, 2011

    gmana download corenya dari filesonic ?

    • living dead
    • Juli 10th, 2011

    gan ada 7 filenya kan. Roft 3 gak di pake, ok ana mau flash doain ya ok..

    • John Russel
    • Juli 16th, 2011

    mas, ni ada tap to unlocknya gak sih?

    • rizky
    • Juli 18th, 2011

    gan ini ada b.indo nya nggak???

    • living dead
    • Juli 20th, 2011

    gak da

  8. mantaaapppp….
    Kalo ada yg mw coba..mmpir kesini bro bwt pengguna szeo


  10. req. B.indonesia for cfw c6(yg support rm-625)

    • Download fw ori c6 indo dari btuser, lalu export language nya pake NFE

  11. bhs. Indo itu di rofs2,rosf3 or core…???

    • request di forum pnht aja bro!
      Kalo ente ng’export sndri ane ykin bkal bnyak bug,slah stuny pd input qwerty’ny!

  12. satu lg bro…
    Bisa ga bro upload kan nokia file browser 7.3(anna browser) untuk di flash…?

    • pake base c6 v40,otomatis browser udh upgradeade

  13. maknyus bro…
    w masi nungguin cfw terbaru buat n97mini. klo bisa resolusi kamera d rubah jd 12mpx atau setara n8. wkaakakakaaaaa

    • woey,bngun2
      jgn mmpi ktggian bro,jtuhnya ntar skit

      btw bntar lg vliemo update bro…

  14. bro, kalo dari segi performa & ram bagusan cfw rm625 based on c6v40 atau n97v30 ?

    • n97 bro

  15. Tpi pengalaman gw klu pake yg based n97 jamx nggak bsa pindahlaman gw klu pake yg based n97 jamx nggak bsa pindah

    • jam gak bisa dpindah2 bukan karena base n97, itu efek dari mod s^3 clocknya…!

    • 1Noel
    • Juli 25th, 2011

    wuih.. Mo update lg cfw mini ya bro.. klu bsa sorcutnya 5 & jamnya bsa di pindah2,.

    • Cuma updet kecil2an kok bro….

      mod 5 shortcut mubazir di ane bro, kurang suka jg…
      Jamnya bisa dipindah2 kok bro, ane kan gak masukin mod s^3 clock…!

  16. Nitip bro, cfw 5230 v50 based c6 v40 ad bhasa indonesia

    • Oke oke oke…

  17. pengumuman… Ane dah coba cfw ne, ckep, enteng, lembut, ajib dah..

    • Hhhahaha,monggo dinikmatin bro….

    • melchiandrea
    • Juli 25th, 2011

    ijin nitip bro mierza…cfw full icon anna lang indonesia-english silaka coba sndri

    • melchiandrea
    • Juli 25th, 2011

    dhee: nampaknya qta sehati

    • Ehm, prikitiew….

    • living dead
    • Juli 26th, 2011

    mas, homescreennya ada dua. Yg satu bisa di ubah2 yg satu lagi cuma jam doang. Gak bisa di otak atik, ada saran supa ya bisa drubah?

    • Meskipun gak bisa otak-atik,tapi jamnya kan udah kayak s^3 bro, hhehehe

      Kalo pengen bsa dipindah2, di recook bro, ilangin mod s^3 clocknya…

  18. Mas q kan dah ikuti caranya. tapi pas bagian pooling phone itu reboot mulu. itu kp ya? udh pk cfw c6 yg lain tapi reboot mulu lalu mati. klo

  19. Mas q kan dah ikuti caranya. tapi pas bagian pooling phone itu reboot mulu. itu kp ya? udh pk cfw c6 yg lain tapi reboot mulu lalu mati.

    • Cek lagi deh tutornya…

  20. bro mw nnya tmpt donlot fw ori dmna…

    • pk navifirm

  21. bug ny

    1. msih ada menu video call (klo diklik akan reboot)
    2. XDM Setting
    3. Option “Print” gx berfungsi
    4. Di kamera tombol kamera/rekam gk berfungsi

    • Melchiandrea
    • Juli 31st, 2011

    Ini bro updating 30/07/11…

    • bisma
    • Agustus 2nd, 2011


    • andi
    • Agustus 5th, 2011

    mas,,flashingnya dah OK,,tapi tanpa gabungin ovi maps nya soalnya g tau caranya,,
    cuma ada sedikit masalah nih,,pas install TTPod, bisa terinstall tp shortcutnya ga ada.. knp y??
    coba install jg ovi maps 3.06, g bisa running..apa emang maps nya kudu yg khusus buat cfw ya??

    • melchiandrea
    • Agustus 7th, 2011

    Udah coba n bagus alias top

  22. @mellchi : ok ok…

    • 1Noel
    • Agustus 7th, 2011

    nunggu si mini aja deh:mrgreen:

  23. maknyussss

    • living dead
    • Agustus 10th, 2011

    gan aku dah flash pake allure, perkaranya hp aku mau ku jual. Kalo aku flash pake firmware 50.01 yg original bisa mati total gak ?

    • Gak bro…

    • mcahyo
    • Agustus 10th, 2011

    qt itu apaan dan fungsinya untuk apa?

    • QT ya fgsinya buat ngjalanin app yg basisnya QT bro…

  24. bos,,,, ada cfw for c6 rm 612 ga y ,,,, klo ada kasi link x please ,,,, yg ini bisa g ???? ,,,, masi newbi nihh

  25. gan ane pake nih CFW klo gak di matiin pas sms bunyi tpi klo pas di matiin ato restart kok bunyinya gak keluar yah?? HELP!!

    • ?

      • ya klo hp gak di matiin waktu ada sms masuk bunyi ringtone tpi waktu hp di matiin ato di restart klo ada sms gak ada bunyi ringtone ama sekali pdhal profile gak silent
        udah ane flash bolak balik tetep aja gan
        bantuin dong

      • apa emg harus hapus folders Private, Data, Resource, cities, Sys, System sebelum flash??
        emg ngefek??
        ane gak hapus soalnya

    • jambulcool
    • Agustus 14th, 2011

    bro sy msh bingung mhn pencerahan y.
    hp sy 5230 rm 588 v40.0.003 c2.1
    ofw yg ada d navifirm ato bt user ga sy flash pake cfw+ofw v40.6.3 it.
    great thanks b4

    • Kalo mau pake cfw port, jgn dicampur ddg fw asli
      Ckup pake fw yg udah disertain ja…

    • rhioe
    • Agustus 20th, 2011

    gan, klo d flash msih bisa vidoe call gk ??? (masih newbi neh)..

    • Bisa lah, wkwkwkw…

  26. halo agan mierza, ada ga cfw mod untuk 5233 v50 tp yg udah ada 3d graphic accelerator buat maenin game hd symbian3 ? Klo ada kasi tau ea,
    q dah make cfw alur tp ko homescreena cuma atu? Thanks

    • Wkwkwkwkw,emangnya 5233 ada gpu’nya???

    • rhioe
    • Agustus 26th, 2011

    gan tq, suskses gan..

    satu lagi gan klo mwu bahasa indo gmna gan??? gw pke FW allure..

    • Cari dlu lang pack indo’nya, kmudian msukin pake nfe

    • Reza
    • September 4th, 2011

    Gan File Core nya pakai yang mana?? hp saya 5800 cfw C6v2..??

    • Ambil disini bro

  27. Lasanja Dwi Ramadhan :

    apa emg harus hapus folders Private, Data, Resource, cities, Sys, System sebelum flash??
    emg ngefek??
    ane gak hapus soalnya

    Kalo gak dihapus bakal banyak app yg error

    • Upid
    • September 15th, 2011

    Hp w 5233 cfw c6 v20,
    w mw ganti cfw lagi.
    Apa langsung flash pk cfw yg baru ato kembalikan dulu ke fw ori?
    Kalo langsung apa file file cfw barunya ada yg harus di ganti/ga cocok,kan soalnya ni dah jd c6..?!
    Mohon pencerahanNya..
    Dari: Newbie

  28. cfw nya bagus, keren. pengen banget ganti tapi ane takut mati total kaya dulu. 🙂

    • ezza_
    • Oktober 20th, 2011

    core bwat 5233 yang mana bro????
    ko g bsa d download?????

    • ezza_
    • Oktober 28th, 2011

    setting welpeper di nokia 5233 ko g ad???????

    • milanisti_bjb
    • Januari 21st, 2012

    aku pengen yg CFW ini ,,
    apa sdh ada bahasa indonesia ,,
    kalo belum gimana cara masukin bahasa indonesianya,,

    mohon pencerahannya..

    • coba main ke sini
      coba tanya2 disana tentang cara masukin bahasa..

  1. Juli 15th, 2011

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