The Tribute V2 | CFW N97 | RM-505 | v22.0.110 | based on C6v40 |

1.Ovi map 3.06+
2.Qt 4.07(3) + Qt mobility 1.01(3) + Qt webkit 4.07(3)
3.Speed improve
4.Better Ram manager
5.Emoticon input
6.Ovi contact removed
7.Music player with lyrics update
8.Nokia Brower – Extremely fast 


1.New Font By Air Jordan
2.Browser Cache to E:/
3.C7 PR2 theme effects update 3 by akshay5233
4.Camera Mods update 2 by RKY
5.Disable useless apps on startup
6.Extra sensor settings (tapping control etc)
7.Improved Screen Rotation mod
8.Improved UI and games performance mod
9.Loading bar by akshay5233
10.NoFOTA Cache
11.Press ‘0’ to switch Bluetooth ON
12.Prevent apps running in background
13.Ram Saving  Camera Exit
14.Remove messaging Lag c6 v20 by DjRaz
15.Resume download on restart
16.S^3 Widget Clock by Rodger Rulez
17.Swipe HS clean
18.Work TV-Out by newcooller
19.PR2-PR3 Icon pack akshay5233 + Binh24 Anna Pack mixture
20.Centered Text
21.Landscape N8 style 2×6 Big by binh24 (only in menu)
23.Music Player only reads E
24.All N97 & N97 Mini themes (for best battery performance)
25.Browser Icons Fix
26.Deleted ovi music from music player homescreen
27.Improve WIFI sensitivity
28.Tap to unlock C5-03 added with Notifications (msg,miss calls etc)
29.The Block Key changed to Reboot
30.USB Mass Storage Mode by Default
31.Super Turbo Manifest for fast theme effects
32.Save Upto 900 Sent Messages Mod
33.Send Everything from file browser
34.Remove some lag in menu etc
35.Improved Video Capture
36.High-Quality Voice Recording Mod
37.Gallery mod (reads only E)
38.Extra zoom on Camera
39.Calendar,dialer& KS bug fix
40.Camera mod for better quality pics
41.UI Improve mod
42.More Apps
43.More Stable
44.Calender Anna Style by Aky
45.Anna Notifications app for CFW by Aky
46.Improved Battery (use theme nseries2 for best battery performance )
47.Don’t open menu when exit music player (update for V15.2)
48.Brightness adjustment fixed (now you CAN adjust the brightness of the screen
49.S^3 Menu Mod
51.Alfanumeric Mod
52.Extended Menu for C6V40


— New Mods —

1.Default call volume increased to 80 n 100 in internal n loudspeaker resp.
2.Show sim contacts by default
3.Music player Heap size n Playback volume
4.Decrease theme preview time
5.N8 Touch sense
6.Slide to unlock instead of tap to unlock

— Bugs Fixed From V1.0 —

1.The charging light is always on – Fixed
2.Video Suite Bugs – Fixed
3.Music player hs bug – FIxed
4.Clock in home screen cant change location – Fixed
5.All Icons Fixed using binh24’s full anna Pack


2.RomPatcherPlus v3 (i forgot to add all patches you can add manually )


1.Grab these files from your ORIGINAL FIRMWARE (ROFS2)
*ecom-2-0.spi (private\10009d8f)
*PtiKeymappings_555_XX.dll (sys\bin) or 505
*srsf_3_0.bin (system\data)

2.Rename ecom-2-0.spi to ecom-2-1.spi
3.Copy the Renamed ecom-2-1.spi, PtiKeymappings_555_XX.dll, & srsf_3_0.bin to their respective folders in the C6 v40 Port
4.Delete all other PtiKeymappings_555_XX.dll inside the port
5.Repack and Flash


1.Red/Green Call Lights don’t work (error in port, might get fixed in a few days)
2.Fm Transmitter does not work “feature not supported” (error in port)


Remember to follow all compulsory steps before flashing your device with this cfw for the best result, i’m sure most of you are aware of the flashing procedure

1-Delete the folders ( Resource , Sys , System , _PAIbTN , Private, patches ) From Memory Card And Mass Memory .
2- Create a backup of your Contacts And Message on your mass memory.
3- Remove Memory Card From Your Phone Before Flashing
4- Rename the rofs2 attached according to your OFW rofs2 file and use the .core file released by binh24 and flash
5- Flash Your Phone To The End And When You See Done Message Just Plug The USB Cable Out And Remove The Battery And Insert It Again And Don’t Power On .

Any Bugs/Requests will be attended to in the comments section
Please test and give your valuable feedback so that the bug(s) can be fixed & the cfw made better in future version(s)….

Special Thanks to akshay5233 and binh24,
I will also try fixing the other bugs like fm transmitter soon if all goes well (give me 3-5 days) 

Happy Flashing 


Post by

    • nu
    • Juli 1st, 2011


    1.Grab these files from your ORIGINAL FIRMWARE (ROFS2)
    *ecom-2-0.spi (private\10009d8f)
    *PtiKeymappings_555_XX.dll (sys\bin) or 505
    *srsf_3_0.bin (system\data)

    2.Rename ecom-2-0.spi to ecom-2-1.spi
    3.Copy the Renamed ecom-2-1.spi, PtiKeymappings_555_XX.dll, & srsf_3_0.bin to their respective folders in the C6 v40 Port
    4.Delete all other PtiKeymappings_555_XX.dll inside the port
    5.Repack and Flash

    masih bingun bagian yang ini….

    bisa tolog dijelaskan dalam bahasa kita ..
    he he he


    makasih banyak…

  1. itu cuma kalo ente mau nmbahin bhasa d dlm cfw tsb bro…
    Kalo gak ya,gak mslah ,tinggal flash aja….

  2. ijin nyimak aja bro,
    Sekalian numpang tidur..

    • sejam 5rb bro…

    • gudel
    • Juli 2nd, 2011

    pengen di c5-03
    gmana ya ??

    • gotoh
    • Juli 2nd, 2011

    mas aq kesusahan ngeflash pake windows 7,tutorial ny udah bnr tp g bs ngeflash,

    • gak bisanya d bgian yg mna bro…?

    • Irfan Handi
    • Juli 2nd, 2011

    Komplit banget fitur flashnya sobb. ajippp.

    • gotoh
    • Juli 2nd, 2011

    pas aq klik flash msti g bs jalan,jaf ny mlh nutup sndiri

    • melchiandrea
    • Juli 4th, 2011

    Coba masuk k link ini dstu ad tutor flash menggunak win7 >>>

    • 1noel
    • Juli 4th, 2011

    wah.. Keren2 cfwnya.. liat aja deh.. 😀 😀

  3. window 7 ga semuanya bisa…

    • Ario
    • Juli 5th, 2011

    ane dah coba…tapi masih banyak bugsx bro…
    ane nggu versi finalnya ja deh bro buat vanilla…he

    • Ok, kalo udah ada yang versi final pasti ane share…!

    • Tama_
    • Juli 5th, 2011

    Maz mir log ngeflash hrus di format dlu gak memorinya? Kalau gak knp?

    • Gak perlu…
      cukup hapus saja folder private, resource,sys,system lalu ldi HR…

    • boel
    • Juli 5th, 2011

    Udah ada yang nyoba Update firmware N97 mini ke v30.0.004 (FOTA update) gak nih? Mau coba takutnya nanti gak bisa di Hack.

    • Kalo pengen nyoba v30, ntar ane share deh (tentunya yang udah di hack)
      Cuman masih miskin mod bro…!!!

    • melchiandrea
    • Juli 6th, 2011

    Msh menunggu vliemo

    • Kesusahan nguploud ane bro….

    • melchiandrea
    • Juli 6th, 2011

    btw thank u untk info mood 4g teman2 gw yg make bb pingin pindah symbian gara2 hp gw obrak abrik sdemikian rupa wkwkwkwkwk abrik sdemikian rupa wkwkwkwkwk

    • Ok bro, sama2…

    • 1noel
    • Juli 6th, 2011

    bro mo tnya nih.. opmin sya kok selalu crash setelah beberapa menit semenjak ganti cfw port c6..? Bro mirza apa kya sya jga..?

    • Iya bro, tpi gak bgitu sering….

    • ivan
    • Juli 6th, 2011

    c5-03 ternyata susah dibikin cfw karna pake procie 600mhz

    • Baru tahu ane mlah….

    • boel
    • Juli 8th, 2011

    boleh tuh bro, share firmware buat n97 mini v30, pengen nyoba browser bawaan symbian ana.

    • Ini bro,aku kasih link downloadnya…

    • juragantajir
    • Agustus 12th, 2011

    mas mau tanya itu kok file nya pas di download cuma satu aja ya??
    apa digabung aja sama file download-an firmware asli nya??

    • Jangan di gabung ama fw asli gan….
      Kyaknya di dlem paketan jg udah ada corenya…

        • juragantajir
        • Agustus 13th, 2011

        cuma ada 1 file doang mas,,

    • living dead
    • Agustus 12th, 2011

    brad aku pake cfw fersi 50, kalo di flash pake firmware yg 50 juga mati total gak ?

    • Gpp bro, asal bukan versi di bawahnya aja…

    • living dead
    • Agustus 12th, 2011

    yg original maksudnya,.

    • juragantajir
    • Agustus 13th, 2011

    cuma ada 1 file doang mas,,
    file nya ukurannya 71mb,,

    • Melchiandrea
    • Agustus 13th, 2011

    Download corenya bro

    • living dead
    • Agustus 13th, 2011

    mas aku mau ganti hp, aku aku bingung bagusan yg mana ya xperia x8 apa samsung galaxy mini…
    Aku pengen,
    browsing, game, video, musik, tolong pencerahannya

    • Irfan Handi
    • Agustus 13th, 2011

    Assalamu’alaikum. Wr. Wb.
    Saya datang ikut meramaikan lagi gan,
    Sekalian konfirmasi untuk edit link saya gan.
    terima kasih.

    • Vanilla
    • Agustus 18th, 2011

    Wah cfw ini pngaturan light displaynya g fungsi y??

    • Wah,kurang tahu jg ya, cs ane gak prnah nyoba

    • ian
    • Agustus 21st, 2011

    broo itu masih ada bug di fm transmitternya ya ??
    trs updateanya gimana ?
    ditunggu nih brooo

    • FM Transmitter selama pake fw port gak bakal bisa digunain…
      Pake ofw bro,kalo pengen itu fitur work….

        • ian
        • Agustus 23rd, 2011

        ini uda versi final?? trs kalo sama versinya hegazy itu bro , sama cfw yg ini bagusan mana ??
        wah bro , gw nyimak trus ni blog . . .

    • Jurig Makam Lima
    • Agustus 22nd, 2011

    gan langkah” sebelum flashing nya tolong dijelasin donk. thanks
    maklum masih newbie

    • jae
    • Agustus 25th, 2011

    hellppp… bro, kalo cara masang CFW ke N(& (made in china) step2 detail ari awal kayak gmn ya?
    ane bner2 nyubitentang kek ginian uy,, help me ya bro..

      • Agustus 29th, 2011

      cfw c6 apa bassed n97?

    • Ericio
    • November 13th, 2011

    I tried to add chinese language files to this cfw. After flashed the phone I can’t read the chinese words or even type for the chinese words. Please let me know what to do to let chinese words work perfectly like ofw. RM-505 Apac Malaysia set. Terima Kasih, sila tolong bang~

    • septian
    • April 26th, 2013

    kok gak bisa didownload bro

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